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Una rivoluzione per la coltivazione agricola

Aeroponics: No water, No soil

Plants are fed directly from the roots that are sprayed with microscopic drops of water containing nourishing substances.
Nutrients are perfectly distributed and roots receive optimal amounts of oxygen ensuring the healthy growth of the plant.
Achieve the perfect harvest using resources more efficiently and respecting the environment.



Allows a different use of the soil



Allows to reduce the waste of resources by spraying the roots of the plants with water



Reuse of resources to set to zero waste



Cultivating 365 days a year with more production cycles, safer for us and for the environment



It enhances the properties of the plants by allowing regulation of the frequency of spraying and the exposure to light

Cultivations without soil:

  • + Clean and sterilized
  • + Products grown on equal surface
  • + Quality
  • + Automation and standardization of production processes
  • – Water used
  • 0 Fertilizers
  • 0 Pesticides
Agricultural revolution


Agricultural revolution

Traditional agriculture

Agricultural revolution
Agricultural revolution

Full control of the supply of water and nutrients

Water used -95% Compared to traditional agriculture
-40% Compared to hydroponics.

We use aeroponics to spray the roots of our plants with nutrients, water and oxygen.


Reducing the environmental impact is at the heart of our business.

We eliminate waste.

Reusing resources within the production process allows us to have a positive impact on the environment and increase sustainability.


Agricultural revolution
Agricultural revolution
Agricultural revolution

More productive and healthier.

365 days a year you can grow anything you want.

The efficiency and the cleanliness of the cultivation environment, the controlled temperature and regulated humidity allow more production cycles per year.

Excellent, safe and healthy harvests in a short period of time, eliminating the risk of plants contracting diseases and bacterial infections without the use of harmful substances.

How is this possible?
During the germination phase the seed is inserted in a POD, a grow nursery.
Once rooting has begun, the plant is moved to the illuminated Grow Farm for 16 hours a day.

We constantly monitor humidity and temperature and feed the plant by spraying the nutrient solution at high pressure, providing it everything it needs to grow in health.

Can we say Superhealth?

Food not only serves to satiate us, but also to provide us with the right substances to live a healthy and active life.

Our system allows the biofortification of plants, enriching them with nutrients that are essential for our health.

Did you know that the human body needs at least 42 microelements to be healthy?

Aeroponic cultivation enhances the intrinsic properties of each plant.

The products will have an unmistakable flavor and aroma, a guarantee of their high quality.

Agricultural revolution

We bring change in agricultural production.
We provide tools for ethical, ecological and healthy cultivation that has no space constraints


Piazza Manifattura 1 36068 Rovereto (TN) Italy


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