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For the planet

Our planet is asking us to take immediate action and we must answer its call.

The need for change cannot be ignored.

We have identified some critical issues to which we have decided to seek solutions.



“The food sector accounts for 30% of total energy consumption, and is responsible for 22% of greenhouse gas emissions “

Our goal is to provide a sustainable solution for food production, which takes into account the growing needs of the population and, above all, which is positive for the environment.With our patented systems you will be able to cultivate by reducing the use of water by 94% compared to traditional farmingand by 40% compared to hydroponicfarming.Our LEDs will allow you to monitor plant growth at any time, allowing you to make your production more efficient by eliminating waste.Furthermore, with our technology you will be able to meet the needs of the most conscious consumers. You can grow whatever you want without using pesticides or fertilizers. The cultivated product will have zero residues, it will be suitable for anyone who wants a healthy, balanced diet or for those who have allergies who will finally be able to find the right solution and reintegrate some foods into their diet.
For the planet
For the planet

Food supply

“Today half of humanity, or 3.5 billion people, lives in citiesBy 2030, almost 60% of the world population will live in urban areas”

The world’s population is increasing in number and we have less and less space, especially in urban areas.
Being aware of the need of bringing food to the people, without wasting important resources, so that we can safeguard the environment, we have designed an innovative technology and a modulable system.
Our system allows you to make the most of the heightof your farming siteand build your greenhouse even in small spaces, so you will be able to provide your customers with a healthier “0 cm” product that retains all its nutritional properties.
Your products will be unmistakable for their scent and taste enhanced by this cultivation method.

Limited land resources

“phenomenaof soil degradation, soil drying, unsustainable use of water, excessive exploitation of fishing and the degradation of the marine environment reduce the ability of natural resources to provide food “

“the land used for agriculture is moderately or severely affected by soil deterioration”

“starting from 2018 land deterioration has impacted 1,5 billion people globally”

Cultivating without soil is possible. Aeroponic farmingis the immediate and sustainable solution to soil deterioration. It is necessaryto take a new path, for the planet and for future generations.

For the planet
For the planet

Efficient use of resources

“Water energy is the most important and most used renewable energy source; in 2011, it represented 16% of the world’s total electricity production.About 70% of the water extracted from rivers, lakes and aqueducts is used for irrigation “

Water is an irreplaceable good, a source of energy and nourishment. We cannot afford to waste it.

Our system uses the recirculation of water after it is purified and enriched with minerals so that all excess water can return to the production cycle, drastically reducing the use and waste of this vital resource.

Facing the challenge of food security

“Since 1900, the agricultural sector has lost 75% of cropdiversity. Better use of agricultural biodiversity can contribute to more nutritious diets, better livelihoods for agricultural communities and more resilient and sustainable agricultural systems “

Good for man and good for the planet. Aeroponic farming makes it possible to maintain and support crop diversity, allowing the cultivation of each plant allyear round and creating the ideal conditions for its growth.

The variety of plants suitable for cultivation with our system ensures a multitude of healthy eating options. The products contain no residues as all cultivation takes place without the use of pesticides.

For the planet

We bring change in agricultural production.
We provide tools for ethical, ecological and healthy cultivation that has no space constraints


Piazza Manifattura 1 36068 Rovereto (TN) Italy


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