Piazza Manifattura 1, 36068 Rovereto (TN) Italy

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FRM in partnership with University of Bologna and FEM-Fondazione Edmund Mach

Research is a fundamental part of the process that has allowed us to create and patent our systems.

Thanks to these important partnerships we have had the chance to study the impact of light and climate on plants and their growth in aeroponics.

We have therefore identified the best conditions for each plant so that it can receive the light and nourishment it needsto live in its ideal habitat. All without the use of soil or fertilizers and pesticides.

Thanks to the partnerships with the Universities of Bologna and FEM, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in the cultivation and engineering activities of FRM; aresearch experience that enriches their study plan and puts them in relation with the business realities in which they will find themselves at the end of their academic career.


We bring change in agricultural production.
We provide tools for ethical, ecological and healthy cultivation that has no space constraints


Piazza Manifattura 1 36068 Rovereto (TN) Italy


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